pizza dough

Gluten-free Formulation Requires a Holistic Approach

Gluten can be tricky to remove from products such as breads and pizza doughs. However, by utilizing a selection of key ingredients, it is possible to retain a product’s taste and texture without using gluten.

New Prebiotic Ingredient from AIDP Helps Ensure a Healthy Gut

AIDP introduces a new prebiotic ingredient, PreTicX, at IFT15.
vegetables and fruits

Every Meal Is an Opportunity to Improve Health

More and more evidence shows the benefit of eating whole plant foods.
FutureFood film Documentary

Documentary to Bring Clarity to the Food Debate

The film will explore the issue of feeding 9+ billion people by 2050 and how to do it without harming the planet.

2015 IFTSA Student Competition Winners

Congratulations to all the IFT Student Association 2015 Competition Winners!

Foods Get a Nutrient Boost With Latest BI Ingredients

Samples of two functional beverages and a fortified graham cracker will feature some of BI Nutraceuticals’ newest ingredients.

Ingredients for Better-for-You Products

ADM has formulated product concepts that show how its ingredients can be used to produce healthier and better-tasting foods and beverages that meet the demands of today’s consumers.
Mark Heiman presentation

Diverse Diet + Diverse GI Microbiome = Better Health

A diverse diet produces a diverse gastrointestinal (GI) microbiome, which leads to better health outcomes. Research on specific food components shows promise in treating diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity and bowel disorders.